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About the company

We are a team of professional photographers and videographers based in Miami, Florida. We are passionate about capturing special moments and creating beautiful memories for our clients...

About Emmanuel Panebianco

God's timing is perfect. That is why I consider that despite the difficulties that always arise at the beginning, I have been able to give course to this project...

About the company

We are a team of professional photographers and videographers based in Miami, Florida. We are passionate about capturing special moments and creating beautiful memories for our clients. For several years, we have specialized in providing photography and videography services for Jewish events, including weddings, Mitzvahs, and Bris ceremonies.

Meet our team

Emmanuel Panebianco
Main photographer & CEO

Juan Romero

Arturo Brito
Marketing Specialist & Webmaster

We understand the significance and unique traditions associated with these events, and we are dedicated to capturing the joy, emotion, and cultural essence that make them truly memorable. Our creative approach ensures that every photograph and video we produce tells a compelling story, preserving the essence of each event for years to come.Whether it’s a joyous wedding celebration, a meaningful Mitzvah milestone, or a sacred Bris ceremony, we are committed to providing exceptional service and delivering stunning visual content that reflects the importance of these occasions. Our team utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure the highest quality in both photography and videography, allowing our clients to relive their cherished moments and share them with future generations.

At Panebianco Productions, we take great pride in being a part of our clients’ Jewish event journey, and we are dedicated to capturing the beauty, tradition, and love that radiate from these extraordinary occasions.

About Emmanuel Panebianco

How nice to be able to greet you! For those who don't know me. My name is Emmanuel Panebianco and I am the person behind this site; through which I showcase the work done by my company, Panebianco Productions.God's timing is perfect. That is why I consider that despite the difficulties that always arise at the beginning, I have been able to give course to this project that I started with all my enthusiasm just over 3 months ago, being one of my great goals when I arrived in this country almost 3 years ago. With the help of wonderful people who have become great friends, we are producing professional-level audiovisual work, including photographic and videographic coverage of Jewish events. I decided that the company would focus on the customs of this prominent community because they were the first to trust in my art, thus giving me the opportunity to develop as a photographer in this city .The future will depend on how capable we are of driving our way of creating and offering an unforgettable experience to all the people and institutions that trust our company to highlight the best moments of their lives over time.Thank you all for the support, may God bless you!Shalom!

Emmanuel Panebianco


At Panebianco Productions, we specialize in photographic coverage of Upsherin, capturing exciting and significant moments during this unique celebration. With a creative approach and a distinctive artistic style, our Upsherin photographs tell unique and precious stories, from family portraits to spontaneous snapshots. Each image reflects the beauty and authenticity of this important milestone in your child's life.By choosing Panebianco Productions for the photographic coverage of Upsherin, you are entrusting passionate professionals committed to capturing meaningful moments with sensitivity and skill. We are delighted to be part of this special celebration and are committed to providing you with exceptional service and impressive results. Contact us today to discuss how we can document and preserve the precious memories of your child's Upsherin ceremony.

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Brit Milá

In the realm of visual storytelling, at Panebianco Productions, we master the art of immortalizing the essence of Brit Milah through our lens. With a symphony of light and shadow, we craft narratives that transcend time, capturing the sacred moments of this ancient tradition with a touch of modern elegance. Each frame is a testament to the delicate dance between tradition and innovation, a visual ode to the profound significance of your child's Brit Milah ceremony.Choosing Panebianco Productions means embracing a visual journey where each click of the shutter is a brushstroke on the canvas of memory. Entrust us with your child's milestone, and we will weave a tapestry of emotions and heritage that will stand the test of time. Let us paint your story in light and shadow, preserving the legacy of this cherished celebration for generations to come.

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Mitzvahs collections

Capturing Unforgettable Moments

In every photograph, our goal is to immortalize the most meaningful and exciting moments of your Mitzvah event. From the ceremony to the celebration, every detail will be carefully documented so you can relive those special moments over and over again.

Not only do we offer you exceptional photographs, but also personalized service and attention to detail. I will work closely with you to understand your desires and expectations, making sure your memories are captured in the most authentic and meaningful way possible.So if you are planning a Mitzvah event in Miami and wish to have stunning images that will make you relive those special moments, don't hesitate to make your request. We are here to help you create lasting memories through our photographic collections designed exclusively for you, we look forward to being part of your celebration!

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Wedding Packages

Weddings collections

Capture the magic of your wedding for eternity

On the most special day of your life, you deserve to have memories that last forever. In our Jewish wedding photography coverage, we are committed to capturing every significant moment, every emotion, and every detail with the sensitivity and respect that your heritage and tradition deserve.

Our team of photographers specialized in Jewish weddings is fully familiar with the unique customs and rituals that make Jewish weddings so special. From the exciting Bedeken to the joyful dance time, we will be there to immortalize every moment with authenticity and beauty.Each photograph will tell the story of your love, your family, and your faith, with an artistic focus and meticulous attention to detail. Our goal is to create a visual legacy that you can treasure and share with future generations.By choosing our photographic coverage for your Jewish wedding, you are entrusting passionate professionals who understand the importance of preserving the cultural and spiritual richness of your celebration. We are committed to providing you with personalized service and an exceptional photographic experience that will exceed your expectations.Don't let the most precious moments of your wedding fade away over time! Fill the next form today to request a quote and discover how we can make your memories eternal.

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Privacy policy

At Panebianco Productions, we take the privacy of our users very seriously. Therefore, we have developed this privacy policy to explain how we collect, use, disclose and protect the personal information you provide to us through our website.Collection of Personal InformationWe may collect personal information in a variety of ways, such as when you provide us with your name, email address, telephone number or other personal information when using our website.Use of Personal InformationWe use the personal information we collect to enhance the user experience on our website and to provide you with information about our services and promotions. We may also use your personal information for internal purposes, such as data analysis and market research.Disclosure of Personal InformationWe do not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. However, we may share your personal information with third parties who provide services to us, such as web hosting service providers or email marketing services. We may also disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so.Protection of Personal InformationWe take reasonable steps to protect the personal information we collect and store. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal information.Changes to this privacy policyWe reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. We encourage you to review this privacy policy periodically to be aware of any changes.
If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us through our website or by following this contact information:
Mr. Emmanuel Panebianco
Panebianco Photography, LLC
Phone number: +1 786 305 9896

Terms and conditions for
Events coverage services

Please be sure to read the following list of terms and conditions carefully. Our event (wedding and mitzvah) photography coverage services are subject to these terms and conditions. Ignorance of these terms and conditions will invalidate any claim by the client when making a request for event coverage from our website.

1.1. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is committed to providing professional photography and video services to the CLIENT on the date and time agreed upon in this contract.
1.2. If the CLIENT requests changes to the date or time of the event, an additional fee will be applied.
1.3. If the CLIENT cancels the event within 15 days prior to the event, PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC will not refund the reservation deposit.
1.4. The CLIENT agrees to at least one of the two proposed payment methods included in the selected package.

2.1. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is not responsible for any injury or damage suffered during the event (caused by others).
2.2. The client will provide catering for the PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC team during the time dinner is served to guests.
2.3. The photographer/videographer may necessarily be limited by the guidelines or rules of the establishment, religious venue or reception venue. The client understands and agrees that the photographer/videographer will comply with such guidelines or rules and that they are beyond their control. The client agrees to release the photographer/videographer from liability for the impact that such guidelines or rules may have on the resulting video. In the event that local authorities do not allow PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC's team to enter the site, the deposit or amount paid will not be refunded. Therefore, the client must resolve it through legal actions against the venue.
2.4. The CLIENT agrees to ensure parking for PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC's vehicles, assuming the charges associated with such service.

3.1. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the venue as coinsured with a minimum of one million ($1.000.000) dollars of liability coverage.
3.2. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may or may not employ an assistant or second photographer during the event, depending on the selected package.
3.3. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may use additional lighting equipment during the event.
3.4. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may retouch photographs and videos according to their artistic and technical criteria, having complete creative freedom, in accordance with the company's own working style.
3.5. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC has exclusivity to cover the entire event. If there is a third party, hired by the CLIENT or by service providers (event planner, establishment, catering service, etc.) performing other audiovisual production work, PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is not responsible for the interference and effects that such third party may cause in the production work agreed upon in this contract.
3.6. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC will not be responsible for lack of coverage caused by the following reasons: the event does not start on time, event members or family are not available, if the event is delayed or if there are restrictions regarding photography/videography at the desired event location.
3.7. If the CLIENT requests to extend audiovisual production work beyond the chosen package time, an additional charge of $600 per extra hour will apply.

4.1. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC will be granted full artistic license in relation to the video and photographs to be produced.
4.2. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is the intellectual owner of all content created on the day of the event and may impose publication restrictions on providers who violate the company's policies.

5.1. The CLIENT is entitled to receive all edited photographs and videos in their highest technical quality, in both digital and/or printed format, according to the selected package.
5.2. The delivery of the finished work will be made within the timeframe and modality established in the selected package.
5.3. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is not responsible for any loss or damage of digital files or printed material once they have been delivered. However, PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC will facilitate the recovery and/or reprinting for the CLIENT, applying additional charges.
5.4. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is not responsible for the quality of images printed by third parties hired by the client.

6.1. The client agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC reserves the exclusive reproduction and display rights of the raw and edited digital material, on any medium.
6.2. All work produced by PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is copyright protected and fully protected by the Federal Copyright Law. With this notice, and by virtue of their attendance, all guests and service providers at the event acknowledge and give permission for the use of their personal images, voices, and likenesses by PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC.
6.3. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may use images from the event in their online portfolio, with complete freedom of modification and editing.
6.4. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may use images from the event, details of the decor, and surroundings for their printed and digital portfolio.
6.5. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may use images from the event in social and online publications.
6.6. The CLIENT agrees that PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC may use images from the event in print and online advertising.
6.7. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC reserves the right to use photographs and videos taken at the event for their own promotion and advertising.

7.1. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC will do everything possible to comply with the agreed terms regarding work time, event duration, and delivery deadlines, but is not responsible for force majeure circumstances, including but not limited to adverse weather conditions, power outages, or fortuitous events occurring before, during, or after the event, which prevent them from fulfilling the obligations contracted in this contract.
7.2. PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC guarantees the reimbursement of 100% of the amount paid by the CLIENT if technical failures or human error occur on the part of the PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC team during production work, and the obtained material suffers damage that makes it impossible to fulfill the deliveries agreed upon in this contract.
7.3. If deliberate damage occurs to photography/filming equipment by guests or service personnel, such as physical injuries, theft or intentional breakage of technical equipment, PANEBIANCO PHOTOGRAPHY, LLC is not responsible for the impossibility of concluding production work or the agreed deliveries. Therefore, no refund of the amount paid by the CLIENT will be made, and legal action will be taken against the party involved in the incident.

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